USA Team at the World Cup – Reminds me of Great Court Reporters

Watching USA play in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is inspiring and motivates me to be a better soccer player and court reporter. Why? The USA team with their coach Jurgen Klinsmann got out of their “group of death” because of hard work, planning, skill, and determination. Every court reporter who has graduated from court reporting school, passed a state certification test, passed the CRR, RMR, or RPR, is unbelievably skilled. The question is, what does a court reporter do with that skill?   Do they aspire to go to the World Cup of court reporting? I hope so – why not?

Maybe court reporters need a coach like Jurgen Klinsmann who can see their brilliance and would help motivate, push, and fine-tune the speed and accuracy of a court reporter. Klinsmann’s message to his players was, “Believe!” I am thinking we can use the speakers and teachers at conferences, state conventions, and the NCRA national convention or STAR convention in San Diego as our “coaches.” We need to “believe” in ourselves when it comes to showing off our realtime skills.

I am thinking every job we report is like competing in the World Cup Brazil. Court reporters have the opportunity to be amazing every day. We are constantly challenged by super fast talkers, speakers interrupting each other, witnesses that have strong accents, and dense, complex subject matter. Great court reporters are winning the World Cup!



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