Federal Rule 30(e) – What to do if Reading/Signing is Requested – Court Reporters

Rule 30

(e)  Review by Witness; Changes; Signing.

At a deposition, if the deponent or a party requests to read/sign their transcript before the completion of the deposition, the deponent shall have 30 days after being notified by the officer (court reporter) that the transcript is available in which to review the transcript and, if there are changes in form or substance, to sign a statement (errata sheet) reciting such changes and the reasons given by the deponent for making them.  The officer (court reporter) shall indicate in the certificate prescribed by subdivision (f)(1) whether any review was requested and, if so, shall append any changes (errata sheet with changes) made by the deponent in the time allowed.

Court reporters need to pay attention during federal/district court cases whether or not there is a request made by the witness or counsel for reading/signing.  If there is no request made, the court reporter’s certificate page should so indicate.  I believe many court reporters don’t always pay attention to the jurisdiction under which a deposition is taken, whether in State Court or Federal Court.  It is important to understand Rule 30(e) so the proper certificate is appended to the deposition transcript if a deposition is taken under the Federal Rules.

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