Realtime Court Reporters – CaseView (2400 baud) + Comports – Tips & Tricks

One of the first things a realtime court reporter learns is that CaseView (2400 baud) is the generic default for all realtime software.  Whether you are using Summation, Bridge, Livenote, or CaseViewNet, if the court reporter chooses CaseView and the speed to be 2400 baud, you will be able to send a realtime feed.

Even if you or your client has a super fast processor, that does NOT mean you change the speed from 2400 baud.  Using a serial connection means it is going to be slow.  A serial port is old technology and cannot go faster than 2400 baud, which is why you cannot find an off-the-shelf computer with a serial port.  If you see nonsensical words or a sentence that runs into the margin of the client’s realtime screen, you know you have set the baud rate too high.

It is advised that the court reporter have any virtual serial port physically plugged into the computer before booting up, i.e., the Steneocast USB transmitter, PCM card.

After setting up outputting to CaseView, the next issue is finding the correct comport that correlates with your Stenocast, PCM card, or what you are using to output with a real or virtual serial port.  Go to your device manager and see what comport is being used as your serial output.  If you have a physical serial port on your laptop, it almost always is comport 1.

If you have changed comports/settings, and things are still not working, shut down your computer.  Stenocast advises that you unplug and replug in your devices while the computer is off.  Then turn it back on.  If I have changed a client’s port settings, many times I will have them reboot their computer if everything looks right, but the realtime is still not connecting.  90% of the time the issue is resolved.

Once a court reporter has set up the correct output for realtime, you don’t need to change anything again in your CAT software.  You might add different outputs if you are writing to Bridge, CaseViewNet, or Remote Counsel for refreshing or streaming, but the generic CaseView (2400 baud) can always be your default for realtime writing.

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