“INNOVATIVE” (Court Reporting)

I have a strong desire to have a great 2011.   

I love setting goals and have the belief that positive thinking and action/energy will bring positive results. 

Innovative is defined:  Using or showing new methods, ideas, et cetera

The New Year:  I foresee our industry continuing to shift with new technologies making our job even more important to our clients.  Today I met a professor at UCLA’s MBA Anderson School of Business.  His favorite word that he used throughout the day was “innovative.”  He told me companies that are innovative are going to be the successful companies of the future.  During the day an attorney pointed out a realtime screen.  The professor looked at my pink Diamante, the screen, and back at my machine.  He commented under his breath, “Innovative.”  Then during a break he made the comment to me (no one else in the room) that the Courts are backwards still using court reporters.  “Courts need to be innovative,” he said.  I commented back, “I am innovative and I can do things no tape recorder can do.”  He replied, “Good for you.  Now the courts need to be innovative, too.”  I replied back, “Court reporters in court are very innovative just like court reporters in depositions with technology such as realtime and streaming.  You’d be shocked if you knew what court reporters are able to do these days.”

It has been proven over and over again that court reporters are more efficient and accurate than tape recorders and with clean, beautiful steno writers, there is no way a tape recorder can compete at any level.  I believe court reporters are inherently innovative – and I am talking about realtime reporters and non-realtime reporters (unless you are still dictating.  Then you are out of my innovative category).

The trick is court reporters everywhere need to unite and be truly great.  I am reading Tony Hsieh’s new book, “Delivering Happiness,” and he writes, “Good enough is not great.”   I plan on improving my writing this year (find a brief for eventual) and will finally program (or borrow) automatic indexing for my CAT system.  It would be easy to say to myself, “My writing is good enough,” or “My editing time with writing out indices has been working for me. Why change?”  I know that attitude will get me nowhere. 

2011 is the year to be GREAT and MORE INNOVATIVE THAN EVER.  We all need to work together and change for the better.

Favor to ask:  If you have a comment or want to ask me a question, please comment here on the blog.  I love getting your emails, but it would be helpful, I believe, to let others see your thoughts and comments.  I promise to comment on the comments when asked specific questions or just to comment.

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10 replies
  1. Nancy Myrland says:

    Rosalie, this is an interesting post because it challenges us to take our games to the next level, and because it is a reminder that many people really don’t know what we do for a living, and why it is special. We must find creative ways to show people what kind of work we do. Nice job!

  2. Allison Kimmel says:

    Innovative, that will be my new word for the year when talking about court reporting.

    BTW, I’ve been using VUL for eventual, V*UL for eventually. It’s been working for me.

  3. Rosalie Kramm says:

    Allison, I love your brief for eventual. I am going to try it today. Having innovative as your new word is a good idea. It will keep you thinking of better ways to do things. I am going to make innovative one of my words, too. Honesty is going to be my other word for the year.

  4. Cindy Vega says:

    How about a brief for “innovative” since that will be the new buzzword? If it comes up a lot, I think “N*VT” will work for me! I will strive to be innovative in 2012!
    Thanks, Rosalie.

  5. Jeri Cain says:

    Dear Rosalie:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog, your first inspirational blog for 2011!

    I so agree with you on every account. We as reporters at the top of our field should be reinventing ourselves every day trying to find ways to improve service for our clients and to provide more benefit and usefulness as it relates to what we have to offer them.

    This year clients were sending “us” gifts expressing the stellar job our reporters did for them in 2010! This year it was two clients. Next year, who knows? We should strive to earn gifts every year from our clients instead of worrying about buying gifts once a year for them, hoping they will utilize our services again the following year. Earning their business every day is my company’s goal!

    Keep up the great work.


    Jeri Cain, CSR, RMR, CRR, CCRR
    Merit Reporting & Video

  6. Leah Swearingen says:

    Rosalie: Great post. I think innovation happens more when we stay closer to clients, identify their pain/passion, then develop and maintain the passion conversation. Passion is to innovation what high test gasoline is to a Ferrari. Keep us inspired!

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