I attended the STAR conference in Washington DC this month, and one of the speakers was Steve Dorfman who spoke on impeccability as it pertains to court reporters.  Impeccability is defined, “An expression of the highest levels of precision and care, intersecting with one another,” a definition that fits the court reporting profession.

Dorfman went on to explain that court reporters operate with integrity, are masters of our craft, and operate with precision, and if any court reporter fails in any one of those three categories, the client attorney will not want to work with that court reporter, and I would suggest the court reporter is failing our profession and sending a message about our industry.

Integrity:  The justice system relies on the court reporter to always be impartial.

Masters of our Craft:  Court reporters inherently are masters of our craft.  To be able to write verbatim the written word is an amazing skill.  Court reporters write fast, concentrate for hours, and produce beautiful transcripts.

Operate with Precision:  Precision is the stalwart of the court reporting profession.  Court reporters have a constant quest to be perfect as well as fast.

Many people have asked me, “Should I become a court reporter?  Do you think it would be a good profession for me?”  A great court reporter is a person who works and lives with integrity, is always striving to master the craft, and operates with precision.  Any person who does those three things will be requested by attorneys and will find work.   This I know for sure.

A court reporter who works with impeccability will be successful.



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