Deposition Transcripts and Exhibits – Who Needs Paper?


Many of my attorney clients have asked me if I know what other law firms are doing to reduce paper. I know of two firms, one in Milwaukee and another in San Diego, that are completely paperless, but I am thinking my clients want suggestions for basic steps to take so they can eliminate storage fees and save office space, money, and especially the planet.

My first suggestion would be to have a standing order for a case with the court reporting firm to take delivery of deposition transcripts and exhibits in an electronic format only. Of course the original would always be printed for reading and signing and to be filed with the Court, but many times the certified copies are voluminous and not necessary until the attorney needs them for a hearing and/or trial. If the hard copy became necessary, the court reporting firm would ship out the transcript immediately.

Many court reporting firms, including Kramm Court Reporting, have electronic repositories wherein attorneys and paralegals can pull their transcripts and exhibits 24/7 in all formats.  Our Case 24/7TM repository is secure, is HIPAA compliant, and also gives law firms access to their deposition, hearing, and arbitration calendar, as well as notices, erratas, and any other relevant documentation to a case.

If you are interested in ordering electronic transcripts only, please let us know. We would set up the perfect delivery mechanism that would fit your law firm’s needs.

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