Deposition in Los Angeles – Where Do I Park?

As a court reporter, I find myself driving to Los Angeles to report depositions, and one of the most stressful parts of going to Los Angeles to work is finding a parking spot and/or figuring out how to access the parking garage in a building.  Many an early morning I have found myself circling buildings, wishing I could go the wrong way on a one-way street, because I can see the ENTRANCE sign, but I can’t seem to access that particular driveway.    I hate driving around an unfamiliar area with people behind me wishing I would get out of the way straining my neck trying to find building numbers and driveways.

Well, voila!  I found a website that has all of the answers and even calculates how much it is going to cost to park in any particular lot or building. (or for their free app .  Not only does this website tell you where to park in Los Angeles, but 17 other cities, including New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston.  As a freelance court reporter or legal videographer, this is invaluable information.  No one needs to be stressed out before getting to a job because of something as lame as finding a place to park.  I give three thumbs up to the BestParking company.

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