Court Reporters – There Are Seven Ways to Find Your Device Manager – Here Are Four

Because stenotype machines, realtime cables and realtime software run on serial technology, finding the device manager is essential for the modern day court reporter.  It is difficult to buy a laptop with a serial port, yet a serial port is what we need to work.   This weekend I attended Mike Miller’s Realtime System Administrator class at the NCRA annual convention and learned six ways to get to the device manager wherein the magical com port number can be found. 

I am going to give out four ways to reach the device manager, because the fifth, sixth and seventh ways are top secret, and you can only learn them by taking Mike’s class.  Sorry.


  1. Go to START.  Choose SETTINGS.  Choose CONTROL PANEL.  Choose SYSTEM.  Choose HARDWARE.  And there you will find the button for the DEVICE MANAGER.
  2. Go to MY COMPUTER.  Right click on MY COMPUTER.  Choose MANAGE.  Then you will see the tree with DEVICE MANAGER
  3. On your computer keyboard press simultaneously the WINDOW key and PAUSE key.  Choose HARDWARE, and there you will see the DEVICE MANAGER button.
  4. Hit the Windows key and the Pause key at the same time.  Choose HARDWARE and then DEVICE MANAGER.

Finding the device manager can be incredibly exciting and empowering for a court reporter. 

I remember long ago, (circa 1994 – era of DOS) I took my $6K computer in for repairs one day (when laptops cost $6K).  The tech was known around San Diego as someone who worked on court reporters’ computers.  He commented, “You court reporters use more applications on a laptop than anyone who ever comes in here.  It is tough to figure out what’s wrong because it could be so many things.” 

I believe that statement is true today.  Our laptops/netbooks are the key to our success.  We are not only brilliant, fast writers, but we are sophisticated IT technicians.  I am proud of the young reporters who took Mike Miller’s class (have never hooked anyone up ever) and became Realtime System Administrators.        

As court reporters, we can be proud of not only our tremendous skill, but also, just as importantly, we can be proud of our knowledge of technology.   Court Reporters ROCK.


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  1. Cassandra says:

    Did you like the class? My husband, Joseph, and I took it in San Francisco, passed the test, it was fun. Joseph knew it all already, though. :-)

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