Court Reporters and Streaming Realtime Text

Streaming deposition and trial testimony by realtime court reporters to remote locations is now becoming a norm.  Having access to the internet is becoming easier all of the time with most law offices providing wireless internet access and the invention of the hotspot.

The key to successful streaming is not only does the reporter have to be a clean, proficient writer, but the reporter needs to be proactive and have the different software(s) that allow for the streaming to take place reside on their laptop.  Many of us wait for the call, “Tomorrow can you do a realtime streaming job with LiveDeposition,” or “Remote Counsel,” or “Livenote Stream,” or “TeleView,” or “MyView,” or “Speche,” and because we don’t have the software tested and ready to go on our laptop, we have to turn the job down or show up and nothing works.

Most of the software for the products mentioned above is free to download, and the companies have free technical support to help the court reporter get their ports configured correctly so the streaming software works in conjunction with their CAT (computer-aided transcription) software.

Court reporters have an amazing talent and ability that the world is fascinated with.  Having the ability to send a realtime text feed of everything that is said in a deposition, arbitration, or a trial is mind-blowing.  I challenge all court reporters to be ready for the next opportunity to show off your skill.  The world is fascinated by you.


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