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I have a colleague/friend in Chile who is a stenographer, court reporter that uses her stenography machine to write Spanish realtime.  We found each other on Twitter.  Isabel uses a Mira and writes Spanish CART.   An example of how her talent is used is, let’s say Microsoft needs to present a new operating system to their employees in Santiago.  The Microsoft technicians who are presenting the operating system traveling from the United States only speak English.  They hire an English-Spanish translator.  The translator does simultaneous translation and sends Isabel an audio feed of everything that is said in Spanish.  Isabel writes Spanish realtime on a big screen so the audience participants can follow what the Microsoft personnel are presenting.  BRILLIANT!

I believe writing clean realtime is one of the most exciting skills court reporters can show off.  Strong realtime court reporters will not lose their jobs to voice-activated translation software.  I use the words “strong” and “clean” on purpose.  I have met reporters who believe they can write realtime within the first year they get out of court reporting school.  I do know of one individual who passed the CRR and CCRR in his second year of reporting.  He was passionate about passing the tests to prove to himself and the world he was a strong, clean writer/realtime court reporter.  I believe he is rare.

Once someone becomes certified as a court reporter, either on a state or national level, there is still work to do to improve writing and gain speed.  Being a court reporter is incredibly challenging and fun.  People who don’t work to be better or be the best are going to have a tough future.  As my mentor Tony Hsieh writes, “Good enough is not great.” 

Court reporters all over the world are doing amazing things.  Our skill is incredibly unique.  Isabel has created a wonderful business writing Spanish CART.  We are all court reporters of the world and represent our profession.  Let’s all be super great!

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2 replies
  1. Rosalie Kramm says:

    Thank you for the kind comments. I agree, with internet connectivity, the world of CART is opening up for talented stenographers. I agree it would be interesting to find more international CART writers and document their stories in the Kramm blog.

  2. Charlene A. Sasso, CSR, RPR says:

    I came back to this blog once again. Such a great story. I have shared it with our StenoTech students, as well as when I have gone out to career fairs and class presentations. I’m actually going to repeat some of this at our Fairfield Campus open house tonight. Would love to hear more from CART providers internationally. Would love to hear tales of CART providers’ clients taking them out of the country. So much is done via internet nowadays. Again, thanks for the great share. Everyone at StenoTech is encouraged to read Kramm!

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