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I recently attended the STAR conference in Orlando, and one of the best panels was put on by a trio of court reporters who were technological geniuses.

One of the panelists was Nicholas Rennillo, Esq., out of Ohio.  Nick gave everyone some quick Blackberry tricks that have transformed my life when it comes to organization, efficiency, and knowing my Blackberry.  Here is a quick synopsis of what I learned:

  1. Keep all of your emails you receive on your Blackberry.  Don’t erase.  Everything is searchable and valuable.

      2.   One of my favorite tips was if you are scrolling down and reading messages, to quickly get to the top, hit T (top), and you will be on your newest message. 

      3.  If you are reading a message and want to go to the next previous message, hit P (previous).

      4.  To go to the bottom of all messages, hit B (bottom).

      5.  If you are searching for a past email, hit S (search).  Then type in the keyword, name, or phrase.  All of the past emails with your search word(s) will appear.

      6.  If you are in an email message and you want to reply to it, hit R (reply).

       7.  If you are in an email message and you want to forward it to someone, hit F (forward).

        8.  If you want to compose/write an email, hit C (compose) and you will be ready to go.

        9.  If you keep some messages unread because you know you need time to go back to them later and deal with the email, you can start at the top and hit N (next) and it will skip down from the last unread email to the next.  It is an easy way to take care of business.

10.  Hit alt + left shift to get a number lock.  (Then hit the alt + left shift to unlock numbers.)

11.  Hit alt + right shift to get a cap lock. (Then hit the alt + right shift to unlock cap.)

Most of these speed keys are easy to remember.  Being efficient is one of the keys to success.

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  1. Roberta-Anne Schmitt says:

    I used to have a BB and found that if I didn’t delete messages it would slow down the speed a lot…to a crawl, actually!
    I now have a DROID and am amazed at what it can do…MUCH MUCH better than a BB!
    Cheers and all the best for 2011!

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