A Report on Court Reporting in San Diego


I am lucky to have a court reporting firm in San Diego.  We don’t have the snow, sleet, and rain so many of my sister court reporting firms do in other cities.  The downtown area where most law firms are is relatively small (compared to NYC and Chicago) and it is easy to find parking.  Parking can be expensive, $20 to $30 per day, but it is nothing compared to Los Angeles where they have $35 to $40 per day parking fees with mandatory valet service. 

I can’t imagine how my friends deal with San Francisco and New York parking – or just getting from one end of town to the other with all of the traffic.

San Diego attorneys are for the most part easy to deal with.  We do have the California stip that drives court reporters from other regions crazy.  The noticing attorney typically will give away the original at the deposition to the witness’ attorney for signing and filing with The Court waiving the responsibility for the reporter to fulfill his/her obligations under the California Code.  Unfortunately, attorneys use the opportunity to tear apart original transcripts and make their own copy.  But then they want the electronic version.  They will call, ask for it, and expect it to be free since they have the original.

Being a border city offers reporters opportunities to go into Mexico to take depositions, EUOs, and hearings.  In modern times, reporters are very cautious about going into Baja California.  There are concerns about carrying working equipment (steno machines) across the border as well as deteriorating safety conditions.  At a minimum, a reporter would request to travel with the client attorney or a translator when going to Mexico to report. 

Because we are close to Imperial Valley, the desert, San Diego court reporters are often asked to travel to the desert.  I am seeing more and more activity in the desert regions.  The difficulty is there are few reporters who live in Imperial Valley, El Centro, or Calexico.  I find the drive to be fascinating.  You drive through our mountains, down steep cutbacks, and you are on the desert floor.  The drive to El Centro from San Diego is approximately two hours.  The good thing is you should never expect a traffic jam.  Only during the winters when there is snow in the mountains would there be trouble.

My report on court reporting in San Diego is there have been slow periods during the great recession, and the cost of living is high compared to the rest of the country, but the city is beautiful and the weather is fantastic.  I am glad to be a San Diego Court Reporter.



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