A Court Reporter’s Lesson – Prepare, Forgive and be Thankful

The lesson this court reporter learned when my helpful hubby was loading my car for me and dropped and damaged my laptop computer as I was headed out that morning for a very important real-time, next-day expedited, copyright infringement deposition.

If that same helpful hubby months earlier took the time to help you designate, set up, and test a backup computer (such as a Netbook) and loaded your CAT software (such as Eclipse), including your wireless real-time (such as StenoCast), all the necessary drivers, including your writer (such as the Diamante), as well as your master dictionary, block files, and user settings, and you already had that backup computer in your steno case because you use it as one of your throw-downs for real-time and you were able to calmly and successfully complete your depo, satisfy the client, and not be out any income that day, then you forgive your helpful hubby and thank him for caring and sharing his IT/computer knowledge with you in the first place.

The lesson I learned is a court reporter must always prepare, forgive, and be thankful.

Submitted by Guest Blogger, Word Warrior, Maggie Smith


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