A Court Reporter Getting Organized

Between running a court reporting firm, starting a new business, being a working court reporter, and keeping on task with my social media goals, my life sometimes feels a little out of control.  I believe one of the keys to success is being organized.  I have been reading some blogs and articles on organization and have found a common thread through all of them:  Getting organized and staying organized relieves stress and clears your mind for creative thoughts.

Most of what I have discovered in my readings is obvious and not earth-shattering, and yet it is good to be reminded of what we can do to get organized.

Here are the steps:

  1.  Decide if you are more comfortable with a paper system or digital – don’t go back and forth.  Choose a method that is easy for you to work with. Don’t fight it.
  2.  Create 3 lists:  one that is your “to do” list, tasks that you are to complete; a “waiting for” list for tasks you are waiting for others to do; and a “someday/maybe” list, a place to remember new ideas and dreams
  3. Finish one task before you start a new one.  Distractions are the quickest way to inefficiency. 
  4. Start each task with an action word, for example, Call…, Present…, Drive to…  It gets your brain to start thinking about taking action
  5. Organize paperwork:  Buy bins and folders and label everything.  Organize your paperwork by date to be completed or organize everything by project.  Either way, have a place for everything on your desk and in your drawers.
  6. Dedicate time every morning or end of your workday to read your lists.  It will keep the tasks top of mind and keep you focused.
  7. In the morning when you get to work, pick 3 tasks you need to accomplish that day.  Check them off when they are completed.  Most days become chaotic, and you might not finish your list.  When you get the 3 tasks completed, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. 
  8. Don’t let the lists run your life.  You decide what you are going to do and when.
  9. Be sure to put exercising or enjoying life on your list.  I have a habit of going, going, going, and forget to stop and breathe and enjoy the sky or a meadow lark’s song. (I didn’t read this in an article or blog.  I am throwing this one in because I believe it is really important.)



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